Invest in Dreams. Invest in Vision. Invest in People with So I Have This Friend!

When our friend, and So I Have This Friend customer, April reached out to us, she began her message with a simple request.

"Good morning, friends! I have a request to make. My son Cody has been nominated to go to a camp this summer called National Youth Leadership Forum Pathways to STEM. ( order for Cody to go to camp...) fundraising is absolutely essential. Fundraising t-shirts were one of the ideas that came up in conversation and you were the first person that came to mind. It wouldn't have to be anything too elaborate. Maybe just a solid shirt with a simple single color design..."Invest in People"

April shared a bit more about Cody in her message, about his personality, some of his struggles, and how his interest in attending camp represents a HUGE step outside of his comfort zone. After a little thought, we shot off a quick reply and set up a time to dialogue further.

On the day of our call with April it became clear that April believes in Cody. She believes in his unique intelligence. She believes in his curiosity. She believes in his resiliency. She believes in his potential. She believes that the experience of going to NYLF Pathways to STEM camp will strengthen these qualities in her son, shaping him into someone who will shape this world for the better. And she believes in the power of moving forward TOGETHER. Her passion alone was enough to convince us that we wanted to help get Cody to camp, but something else was happening on both sides of the line during the conversation. As we talked, it became clear that April believes in US (like, the span-the-globe all-of-humanity US)!

"What if," we began to ask together, "Invest in People is more than an avenue to get Cody to camp? What if our words and work opened the door for more kids to realize their dreams? What if Invest in People isn't simply a phrase on a t-shirt? What if Investing in People is a core reason that we exist as a brand, as individuals, and as a community? What if we could leverage our platform and resources to create a better world by investing in the life-altering dreams, future-shaping visions, and world-changing projects of people?"

Today, So I Have This Friend is launching a new initiative to do just that- a new collection of apparel specifically designed to change the world by investing in people. We worked with our favorite designer and friend Ryan Feerer to create the look of the collection, and we couldn't be happier with the design.

During the month of April, anything you purchase from our Invest in People collection will help Cody get to camp! Our goal is to raise $1,000.00 that we will contribute directly to April and Cody. We'll also be following Cody's journey on our Instagram and Facebook accounts, and we will share updates in our newsletter. So, be sure to follow us on the socials and subscribe to our newsletter. We also are already on the lookout for dreams, visions, and projects to invest in through the rest of 2021. So, if you have a friend you'd like to tell us about, we are all ears!